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New Construction Homes & Communities Florida Treasure Coast

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. It’s also a purchase that’ll affect you and your family every single day, that’s why it’s important to prepare yourself before making any long-term decision.

Buyers looking for new construction homes in Port St Lucie, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound Florida should know what to expect and how to best get ready for this kind of experience. Since a home is the most expensive thing most of us ever buy, we all want to be sure we've bought the "right" one. If done haphazardly, you can end up with buyer’s remorse.

This article will help you prepare better if you’re planning on buying a new build. Follow these tips to ensure that your home buying experience is smooth, enjoyable, and successful.

Why Buy a New Home

“Should I buy a new construction home or should I buy an existing home?”


The first step of buying a home is deciding whether to buy a new home or a pre-owned home. There are many differences between the two options. Let me discuss some of the benefits of buying a new home.

  1. Everything Is Brand-New

Although this may seem obvious, a new construction home in Port St Lucie FL guarantees that everything in the property is brand-new and will last for a long time before you need to start replacing things.


There’s also the emotional factor of newness. It feels good to own something that's brand new and has never been used, whether it’s a car or a home.

  1. Everything is Under Warranty

Aside from everything being brand-new, most builders typically include a warranty to help protect your investment. So if anything is found to be wrong or defective, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered.

  1. Customization

New homes may offer you the opportunity to customize the home to match your personality. You’ll be able to move into a house that is exactly the way you want without any additional hassle or expense.

If you were to buy a pre-existing home, you would have to live with whatever’s already there. If you want to make changes, you would have to spend time and money making these upgrades.

  1. Energy Efficiency

New construction homes are commonly built with energy efficiency in mind. Builders see to it that homes are well insulated and that they have installed the most energy-efficient appliances available. Not only is it good for your savings, but you’ll also rest easy knowing you’re doing your part to protect the environment.

  1. Health and Safety

When you buy a new home, you don’t have to worry about allergens in the carpet, mold and pests in the walls, asbestos in the ceiling, or chemical emitting VOCs in your paint. You will have the assurance that your home has been built with stricter guidelines to protect your health, more sustainable materials, warning systems in place, and a stronger structure due to modern building codes. You will sleep better at night knowing your family is healthier and safer under your new roof.

  1. Neighborhood Amenities

When you buy a newly-built home, chances are the community is new as well. You’ll get to enjoy new features like community pools and walking trails. In addition, your neighbors are just as new to the neighborhood as you are so you’ll have a shared sense of experience.

What to Ask When Buying a New Home

There are a lot of things you need to be aware of when buying a new home. You need to understand that there are certain issues that are unique to new construction.

First, it is essential to have a real estate agent representing you when buying new construction in Port St Lucie FL. Having a professional on your side will help you get the most value for your money, with the least hassle and frustration.

That’s why I’m here for you! Hi, my name is Melissa Conrad. I am a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker-Realtor®. I specialize in representing my clients in the purchase and sale of single-family residences, condos, town homes, vacant land, new construction, and income producing property within the Martin, St Lucie (Treasure Coast) area of Florida.

I have been helping people with their real estate needs since 2003 and have continued my education and networking throughout to continue to provide the best service and protection to all my clients. Google me or check out to find out more about what my previous clients say about me.

Because of the variation in home builders, it is important to ask the right questions when purchasing a new home. Below are some of my suggestions on what to ask before signing a purchase contract.

  1. Who is the builder and what is their reputation?

Before making any decision, research the builder to find out what sort of reputation they have. Keep in mind that the abilities and experience of the builder will have a significant impact on the quality of the home.


There are many home builders in Port St. Lucie Florida, how do you know who to choose to bring your vision to life? You start with the right professional! Call me, I'm here and ready when you are. 772-240-2589 direct to Melissa.

Some of the questions I will ask you, and you will want to ask yourself are below. 


  1. What types of home do they typically build?

Each builder is different and specializes in a certain type of construction. As a buyer, you ought to choose a builder that specializes in building the type of property you want. It’s also a good idea to decide early on what type of home you want before you look for builders. This will narrow down your search and save you time and effort.

  1. What warranties are provided with the house?

Just because a home is brand new doesn’t mean that no problems will arise. That’s why one of the most crucial questions you should ask when buying new construction is what kind of warranty is included. Warranties will protect you in the event of a mishap early on.


The warranty offered can vary quite a bit from builder to builder. Ask what the warranties include and how long they last.


  1. What are the standard features and what are the extras?

This is one of the most important questions to ask when buying new construction home. Each home builder includes a set of standard features in each home built, but they also offer extras or upgrades that cost more.

Ask the builder for a detailed specifications sheet that shows everything that comes standard with the new home. If available, you can also ask for a list of pre-determined upgrades and the corresponding costs.

  1. Can I make changes during construction?

You have to know if the builder allows changes once construction has started, especially of you are prone to changing your mind. If you decide later on that you want additional features, it can be helpful to know if you can request upgrades after the building has started on the home.

Most of the time, builders are very accommodating when it comes to upgrades or other changes as long as they haven’t already ordered the material. However, some builders will not allow changes to be made after they start construction.

  1. How long will it take to build my home?


The builder’s policy on completion date is one of the most important questions you can ask when buying new construction. The builder should be able to give you an idea of how long it will take to build your home. In addition, the builder should also be willing to explain what will happen if that particular date is not met. However, you need to be flexible to allow for delays caused about by things such as the weather.


  1. What energy efficient components do you include in the build?

Today, buyers are becoming more and more energy conscious. As such, you can expect energy efficient components to be available in a new construction home.

 Ask the builder what they will do to make your home more efficient. Make sure you are getting features that will save you money and reduce your impact on the environment.


  1. Will there be any homeowners association?

You certainly would want to know if you will be a part of a homeowners association. The HOA will be responsible for enforcing rules and regulations that will help protect the value of your home and the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Find out right away what types of guidelines the Homeowner’s Association has outlined, and be aware of them when you’re required to begin paying HOA dues.

As you can see, there are a number of important questions to ask when buying a new home. Do your homework in advance and avoid the hassles usually associated with new construction homes.


Do You Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying New Construction?


The answer is yes.


Purchasing a new-construction home is different from buying a resale home. The process is just as complicated but can be even more confusing.  

When purchasing new construction, the builder’s agent will be there to assist you with the choices available through that builder. But how do you know, think forward, realize HOW to make the best choices? The home’s builder is considered the seller, and the agent representing the builder is called the builder’s agent. The builder’s agent will always have the builder's best interest in mind. Its in your best interest to have your own advocate! A professional that is there for you, answer your questions, work through your concerns, decide what the best choice is for YOU. And whats the best, this professional, me... wont cost you a dime! :-) Why wouldn't you want to use me? I do this for many clients, I see and know things that aren't readily available or thought of by someone who does this maybe once or a few times in their life. I am committed to helping you get the most value for your money, with the least hassle and frustration.


That’s why it’s important to hire a real estate agent who will represent you in the process. Having your own professional Broker-Realtor gives you some peace of mind, knowing that someone is looking out for your best interest.

Here are some things I can do to make the process of buying new construction easier for you:

  1. Help you find a reputable builder

One of the main reasons why you need a real estate agent when buying new construction is to be able to get professional advice on the reputation of the builder.

As your agent, I can help you find a builder you can trust. I can give you information on the quality of their workmanship, the kind of warranty they offer, and their track record of resolving issues.

  1. Help you choose the best location

Working with a real estate agent can help you make choices that will best serve your interest.

As your agent, I will help you pick out the best lot, the right community for your lifestyle, and the neighborhood features that you want. I will also check out other things that may impact the long-term value or your property.

Here are some of the newest home developments in Port St Lucie

  • Cresswind at PGA Village Verano- $ 255,900
  • Port St Lucie Pool Homes- $ 219,900
  • Copper Creek - Classic Collection- $ 223,990
  • St. Lucie Collection- $ 239,990
  • Copper Creek - Signature Collection- $ 257,990
  • Del Webb Tradition- $ 220,990
  • Pine Trace- $ 195,990
  • St. Andrews Park Villa Homes- $ 234,900
  • Vizcaya Falls- $ 184,900
  • LakePark at Tradition- $ 204,990

  1. Help you with negotiations

I will also assist you with the negotiations. I understand what you want and need and I also know what the builder values most. As such, I am capable of negotiating a deal that will be to your benefit. I know the areas where we’ll find the most wiggle room when it comes to negotiations.

  1. Help you review your contract

Purchasing real estate involves a lot of paperwork, documents that can be confusing and overwhelming. As your agent, I’ll make sure that you understand everything that is included in your contract, from floor plans to earnest money requirements, deadlines for requesting changes, and timelines for completion.

We will review any contracts you have to sign to make sure you are protected and that you are getting what you are supposed to be getting. If there are any issues, I will explain them clearly to you and to the builder.

With me by your side, you’ll rest easy knowing someone is there to protect your money, your time, and your new home.

Making a Home in Port St. Lucie FL

The new homes for sale in Port St Lucie FL offer some great options at affordable prices. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a family looking for a better home that will accommodate your growing household, or a retiree looking for the perfect place to downsize, the communities in Port St Lucie FL have something that will meet your needs and make you feel right at home.

Check out for more details on how you can start finding your dream home in Port St. Lucie FL.

Call me, Melissa Conrad, at 772-240-2589. Use my knowledge and experience to learn more about buying the home of your dreams in the sought-after Port St. Lucie FL neighborhood.

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